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 Growth of special interest groups

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PostSubject: Growth of special interest groups    Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:01 am

The number and power of special interest groups have increased over the past three decades. According to this the political committees, government officials and the business executives are supposed to pay more attention to consumer’s rights, women’s right, senior citizens right and the minority rights. Many companies have established public affairs department to deal with these groups’s and issues.

Consumerist movement is one thing that affects the business. It’s an organized movement of citizens and government to strengthen the rights and powers of the buyers in relation to sellers. It has won the right to know the true interest cost of loan, the true cost per standard unit of competing brands, the basic ingredients in a product, the nutritional quality of food, the freshness of products and the true benefits of products. Each and every essential information should be passed on to the consumers precisely and that should match with the culture of each and every nation. As things are moving on the choice of the consumers, looking for models in New York and whatever the other place be, it will make the search more and more complex.

With consumers increasingly willing to exchange personal information for customized products for firms, as long as they can be trusted, privacy policies will continue to be a public policy. Consumers are concerned about, whether they will be cheated, whether any private information’s will be used against them, will anyone steal their identity and so on. Many of the companies have establishes consumer affairs department to help, formulate policies and to respond to consumer complaints. New laws and growing numbers of pressure groups have put more restraints on marketers. Marketers have to clear their plans with the company’s legal, public relations, public affairs and consumer affairs department.
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Growth of special interest groups
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