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 Short Stacked Hairstyle for a Unique New Look

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PostSubject: Short Stacked Hairstyle for a Unique New Look   Sun Oct 26, 2014 5:44 am

There are billions of people around the globe and each one has a different hairstyle. How do you make your hairstyle stand out from everyone else? Is there a haircut which could still make you unique? If your goal is to be different from everyone else, consider getting a short stacked hair cut.
The stacked haircut first became a hit in the 70’s. When the days of hippie wavy tresses and exaggerated hair volume are over, the stacked haircut started to become popular. Today, the basic characteristics of the stacked hairstyle are still very similar to how it looked in the 70’s. However, there are a few alterations so that the look will work perfectly with the latest trends in fashion.
The primary characteristic of the stacked haircut is the added angles on the sides and back. This style is a playful way of adding layers on your hairstyle. It is almost like defying all the traditional rules when it comes to styling the hair. This cut is very popular these days because even if the structure and cut is done in a daring manner, it still looks very elegant and sexy.
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Short Stacked Hairstyle for a Unique New Look
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